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 How to apply to our legion?

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PostSubject: How to apply to our legion?   Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:15 am

If your a hacker or a bug abuser, stop wasting your time to apply to this Legion. If your a player with ambition and active a lot, your welcome to fill in an application form.

Requirements for new members
1.) New legion member will have a probation time.
2.) Unless the new legion member is a friend and known by at least 3 persons of the guild.
3.) Also we need you to fill in an application form.
4.) When one person protest, the requesting person will not get invited to the legion.

How can you get kicked?
1.) By breaking rules which you will learn about once you get invited.
2.) Starting unnecessary wars with other legions.
3.) Insulting officers without a good reason.

Legion rules:

1.) Members must be polite to each other and have respect other members.
2.) If problems occurs, you must contact and discuss with either Masters, Generals or any other assigned officers within the legion. The personnel assigned above will try and handle the situation in a satisfactory manner.
3.) No extreme swearing is allowed.
4.) What happens in the legion, stays in the legion. Do not leak out important information of the Legion or personal problems.
5.) Real life issue always come before gaming! If you have a real life issue, you have to attend to, do not hesitate to voice out, this is not a jail.
6.) Try to have fun.
7.) Don't ever beg for gold or free items.


Example of applicationform:
Reason of joining:
Gaming Experience:
How you did you came in contact with Memoire:
Previous guild (if had one):

Once your in the legion

1.) You can apply for a rank.
2.) You will gain access too the members only section on our forum.
3.) You will get access to our ventrilo.


Guild Master Lelouch

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How to apply to our legion?
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